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LIARS: Swizz Beatz

Posted: February 22, 2011 in People
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There are few points I’d like to bring up to support my argument on why he is a big liar:

1. He said he was working on Stan 2 but then Eminem denied it saying “There isn’t a ‘Stan 2,’ and there won’t be. Stan drove his car off a bridge and I’m not writing a song as Stan’s ghost. That would just be corny.” I don’t really know how Swizz got away with that.

2. He showed The Clipse this beat but later it turned out that in fact it wasn’t his beat at all, instead in was this song produced by Ron Browz and not him. He was probably like “Er, guys..remember that beat I showed you? Well, it’s not really my beat so you can’t use it, I lied, sorry…”. No, he probably didn’t admit that he was lying he was just probably like “Them haters is hating, yam’sayin’, they can’t recognise the real, I’m the monsta!” or something like that and the guys were like “Hmm, OK”.

3. Swizz denied referring to demonic content on Jay-Z’s “Onto the next one” but according to this they’re all over the place. He even put satanic chant into the song (skip to 8:35), what a liar.

4. There’s this track called “Top Down” with Nas but Nas’ verse was never recorded to this beat, instead, Swizz Beats just took his vocals from this song (it’s a bonus UK track off Hip Hop is Dead) and adopted the acapella to his beat saying it’s a brand new song. As you might have heard he was like “Talk to em, Nas” and “Nas is here” in the song – no, Nas was never there with you when you were making that particular song, does it feel good to show off how cool you are by pretending that a real star is working with you? Your mind is twisted, Swizz.

Just imagine what an unimaginable amount of lies he had to say to get Alicia Keys, it’s just who he is – a liar.