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PHONES: Apple iPhone

Posted: February 19, 2011 in Electronics
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Ok, this is going to hurt a lot of people’s eyes and hearts but I absolutely hate Apple and all of their products. The iPhone is the most disgusting, useless and miserable piece of technology ever created in my opinion because the company’s policy is pure nonsense. Why have so much stuff in it that you can’t use to the fullest? Like the Bluetooth that you can only use for hands-free headset devices and can’t use for file transfer? Copyright reasons? Pfft, Apple just wants its costumers to pay for everything, iTunes anyone? Or having a decent enough processor without the ability of running Flash because “it’s obsolete” – Apple, what have YOU made to replace Flash? Not the full capabilities apparently and if you want an extra device attached to it for a simple job, you can’t have a third-party device, everything has to be Apple, more money to Apple. I was talking to a person who was using Apple products for a few weeks and I told him him that you only pay for the name, not the hardware and he answered “No, you pay for the comfort”. Damn, the Apple disease is contagious, it’s enslaving the brains. Apple fanboys can defend Steve Jobs as if it was their God until their lips turn white using weak senseless arguments about how better it is than everything ever created, so pathetic. Windows is complicated and Mac is simple? Well, even a person with a down syndrome can use Apple products – that’s who they’re designed for – brainless retards. Dear iPhone owner, smash your pathetic piece of iCrap, do a little twist on top of it, urinate on it, call it a retard and buy yourself a Windows-based phone or an Android and don’t be such a “nerd” that you believe that you are. I’m going to save my energy by only reviewing the iPhone this time so I could bad mouth Apple in my other reviews.