FUNNY ANIME: Dead Leaves

Posted: February 18, 2011 in TV/Films
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This has to be the funniest anime I’ve ever watched. I can’t remember laughing so hard and so often while watching something from Japan. Dead Leaves is packed with unimaginable, little insane jokes that you wouldn’t see in any other cartoon. It is full of unexpected, sometimes head-scratching ideas for its plot and that’s what makes it unique – you’ll never guess what’s gonna happen next, add an unusual, twisted imagination of the authors and you’ll get Dead Leaves – the funniest anime of all times! I’ll give you one example of the over-the-top jokes from this anime:

Here’s the Elephant mutant talking with the main character (when he’s not excited):

And here he is listening to the same guy having sex with his girlfriend:

Hahaha!!! Do you see that? His elephant trunk is having a hard-on and is resembling the-you-know-what (even though the black guy on the background has a drill for his penis). I’m telling you, the show is hilarious and full of creative humour.


  1. Daire says:

    CqnT comment I hate amine

  2. Daire says:

    You should review more movies like angel A and that

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